About Us

Big Avi's Adeniums

Big Avi's Adeniums is a family run garage micro nursery in Weston, Florida, specializing in adenium seedlings. We received our official certificate of nursery registration in October 2019.

Nursery Registration

Big Avi's Adeniums is a subsidiary of Lawncierge Corporation, South Florida's White Glove Service with a Green Thumb. 

What is a Garage Nursery?

Its part of the American Dream story--to start a business in your garage. We decided to pursue it to the fullest extent. All of our seedlings are grown in highly over-engineered and controlled grow tents...in our garage. The combination of automated lighting, watering, feeding, temperature control, and air movement have proven to produce the best seedlings in the business, maximizing seed yield and dramatically increasing leaf density. 

Meet Big Avi

Avi Aisenberg, otherwise nicknamed Big Avi by his nieces and nephews, is a South Florida native and local entrepreneur. His background in Electrical and Computer engineering lends itself well to over-engineering simple problems. He fell in love with adeniums in 2012 after receiving a 50 year old white and pink flowered desert rose from his neighbor as a gift. Since then, he has become an avid collector of Adeniums, both mature plants and seeds.